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detikcom : SBY Tak Perintahkan Marsilam Ikut Rapat Bail Out Bank Century

title : SBY Tak Perintahkan Marsilam Ikut Rapat Bail Out Bank Century
summary : Presiden SBY tidak menugaskan Ketua UKP3R Marsilam Simanjuntak untuk ikut rapat bail out Bank Century. Istana bahkan tidak tahu soal kehadiran Marsilam. (read more)

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Alhamdulillah………… Thank You Allah


Rizqy Tasnima Fadhilah has passed the examination. She was the 16th in her class with 8,45 graduated score. It was not bad, because in SD Siti Aminah Surabaya she has nothing to lose with that. I am Proud of her

I also proud of Marlita, her mother. because she was the one who encourage Lila to study. She also patient when i decide to apply Reginal HEA officer in Palu. She agreed we will move.

Alhamdulillah we will Move.

Fadli Usman (23 Juni 2009)